Elder Speaks of Neglect at Pul e Sheena IDP/ Refugee Camp – Kabul

(Pashto) Elderly man at Pul e Sheena IDP / Refugee camp talks about the lack of support and neglect by the Afghan government and NGOs “If there was Islam, this isn’t how Islam is done… We dont have one thing! Not one thing! Where are we supposed to go? Where?” “If you’re going to call people back from Pakistan then at least have a place ready for them!” Note: Elderly man pulls forward children, one is Fariba Jan who is missing an arm from an explosion. “We dont even have water — we have to go the neighbors one after another simply for water” Documenting Afghanistan has visited many camps throughout the country and this small camp on the 0utskirts of Kabul, in Bagrami disctrict is one of the most neglected.

Deported from EU, Now living in the Kabul Safe House


Documenting Afghanistan met with Afghan youth deported from the European Union earlier this year along with Refugee and Migrants rights activist Abdul Ghafoor of the Afghanistan Migrants Advice & Support Org As the USA intensifies the war in Afghanistan and the EU continues to deport asylum seeking Afghans fleeing violence and poverty, we would like to offer our viewers a glimpse into what Afghan youth deportees are dealing with.


Video made in collaboration with Abubakar Gharzai & Jawid Zamani of TruLight Media Facebook: Twitter:


Refugee camp Pule e Sheena

Inside Kabul Refugee / IDP Camp – Pul E Sheena – In Bagrami district of Kabul Province


Abdul Ghafoor speaks on the struggles of Afghan deportees in Kabul


Abdul Ghafoor speaks on the struggles of Afghan deportees in Kabul at the Oct 4th 2018 “How Safe is Afghanistan?” conference in Stockholm, Sweden

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